Nantucket Retreat

Changing the World is excited to announce our partnership with friends on Nantucket to host the 2021 CTW Nantucket Youth Retreat. We can't wait for this time. We think you're gonna love it!

Excellent SpeakersFeaturing passionate, experienced, Jesus-loving speakers and guests from all over the world, we're sure you'll be informed, equipped, and inspired to change your world by the time you board the ferry back to the mainland.

Amazing BackdropSet in two spacious homes on a gorgeous property on the picturesque island of Nantucket, this retreat is fully packed to restore the body, mind, and soul.

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  • Speakers & Guests

  • Melanie Sachs

  • Melanie is a Jesus lover, survivor, advocate, speaker, and athlete. She is a program development consultant at SHIELD Task Force (whose mission is to end child abuse by mobilizing a statewide coalition of law enforcement agencies, nonprofit organizations, faith communities, professionals, and volunteers to educate the public, empower victims, stop predators, and support survivors.), a board member at Sophia's Fund and Written on Your Heart (WOYH), and part of the Survivor Support Committee at PAVE (Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment). Melanie is originally from Salem, New Hampshire and studied Sociology at Keene State College. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and an advocate for those abused, she speaks on the topic at seminars around the country. Melanie is engaged to Jonathan Barton.

  • Blade Porterfield

  • Growing up in a Christian home I discovered God’s love for me at an early age. I declared Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age 8 or 9. I lived in Allegan, Michigan until I graduated high school in 2016. My first semester of college I went to study Intercultural Relations at the University of Maine. God had different plans for my life and I transferred to Crown College in Minnesota the next semester where I would go on to major in Pastoral Leadership with an International Relations minor. I am studying online for my Master of Divinity through A.W. Tozer Seminary. God has called me to full time ministry, whether in the United States or Internationally.

  • Chris & Melody Istrati

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  • Chris was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and came to the USA when he was nine years old. Cape Cod was his first home after coming to the US and he's been coming here most summers since to sail his Sunfish. He and Melody retired to Cape Cod in September 2020. They have three daughters and four grandchildren. Chris gave his life to Jesus Christ in his late twenties in Cape Town, South Africa. He was ordained and served as a missions pastor in Denver, Colorado. He and Melody were missionaries to the Uyghur people in Kyrgyzstan for seven years. Chris also served as a diplomat with the US State Department for 15 years, stationed in Peru, Russia, Afghanistan, Paraguay, and Washington, DC. He is an expert on cross-cultural ministry and speaks English, Spanish, French, and Russian. He can help you with writing English essays.
  • Melody was born in Asuncion, Paraguay and came to the USA when she was 15 years old. Her parents were missionaries and she came to know Jesus at a young age. Melody worked as a middle school Spanish teacher in New Jersey, a high school principal for a bilingual school in Paraguay, and as a missions director for a large church in Maryland. She is an expert on relocation services helping foreigners come to the USA and Americans going overseas. She speaks English, Spanish, and Russian and could help you with your Spanish class homework.

  • Darcy Creech Marelli

  • Born in 1962 but ‘born again’ in 2005, you could say Sister Darcy was a late bloomer.  She was devoted to prayer as a child, however after a decade of sexual abuse, the death of a sibling to suicide, and ultimately feeling abandoned by God, she grabbed the steering wheel out of His hands and charted her own course. What followed was 2 decades of promiscuity, 2 marriages, 2 divorces, 2 children, and finally an abortion that led to depression, thoughts of suicide, and accepting an invitation to attend a Jamaican Pentecostal church. 6 months into hearing God’s word, Darcy brought her sins and shame to the foot of the cross and surrendered her life to Jesus. Single, celibate, and soaking in the Word for the next 10 years, Darcy met and married Scott Marelli on the Sea of Galilee in 2018. The fruit of her conversion and display of gratitude for what Jesus did on the cross for her are many – including hosting no-cost retreats at her property in Nantucket. Darcy looks forward to sharing "Lady In Waiting" with you. This book not only changed her perspective on who God designed her to be, it changed her life. We trust you will be blessed!


Thursday, 5/5

Time Activity
2:00 PM 🤝 Meet @ Steamship Authority (NOT HyLine)
        @ 69 South St, Hyannis (Directions)
🛥️ Board the ferry
5:00 PM 🛬 Arrive on Nantucket
6:00 PM 🍽️ Dinner
7:00 PM 🎶 Worship
🏁 Introduction to Weekend
🏊 Hot Tub / Pool / 🤸 Games / Free time

Friday, 5/6

Time Activity
8:00 AM 😅 Zumba with Christina
9:30 AM 🥞 Breakfast
10:30 AM 🧊 Ice Breaker with Blade
11:00 AM 🏳️ Session 1: "Worship & Surrender" (Melanie Sachs)
12:15 PM 🥪 Lunch
1:20 PM 🕊️ Session 2: Where do we find our Peace? (Melanie)
2:00 PM 👭 Discussion on Peace & Friends (led by Ron & Catrina Welch)
3:15 PM Free time
5:15 PM 🍽️ Dinner
6:30 PM 🎶 Worship & Devotional (Inna)
7:15 PM 🙏🏼 Prayer & Connections with Chris & Melody Istrati)
🏊 Hot Tub / 🤸 Fun Games & Free time

Saturday, 5/7

Time Activity
8:00 AM 🥞 Breakfast
9:00 AM 🎶 Worship
🙏🏼 Devo: “Lies from our Culture” + Skit (Chris & Melody Istrati)
9:30 AM 🎨 Art & Worship with Libby
10:00 AM 🗣️ Discussion
10:30 AM 🧳 Pack Up
11:30 AM 🚎 Explore Nantucket
4:45 PM 🛥️ Gather @ Ferry
7:45 PM ✔️ Arrive in Hyannis